I feel like a new born flower with a powerful center full of LIGHT.

This center is growing with every day more and more, and the light is shining through the tender petals so strongly, that they start to open slowly. Every day more and more- getting more mature in their meaning, turning into something of a very rarely pure nature.

The flower is becoming so beautiful that people cannot handle the light that comes from within for it blinds them with something that they cannot assess.So they just stand and stare. They smile, feeling completely happy in their total inner harmony with everything, which is outside of their centers.

Power that overwhelms everybody, who gets at least a little glimpse of that new born flower, has no name. People are used to think that this power is called LOVE. But they don’t know that LOVE is just the name of a grown up flower that unfolds all wonders of this world, but it is not its source.

The source, that shines through the innocent beautiful petals, is in each and every heart of this planet- initially present and initially powerful, covered by petals that are each of their individually different beauty. Dormant, or growing, or opened- each in their own pace and own way but all of them looking in one direction: UPWARDS.

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