There was once a divine painting, which showed subtle differences between real beauty and surfaced impressions, between tenderness and weakness, between love and habit, between lust and true passion, between bodies and hearts. That made human feelings clear and understandable, the most powerful emotions managed and enjoyed and LIFE itself eventually sensible.This painting was so fascinating that people tore it apart trying to keep little pieces each for themselves for even every little one of them would fill their hearts with indescribable happiness.

So the torn painting took a shape of the millions of little hearts. Over the centuries of history these hearts got scattered around the planet as a magic puzzle luring people to long for the missing one. Since then people were constantly looking for the divine completeness. Some have never managed to find anything so they stayed blind and were roaming through life senselessly. But those who did find their missing peace would never want to let it go because once they’ve seen the initial picture –it would haunt them forever with the image of a perfect world.

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