Only you choose what to see-

A dirty glass or a wonderful view- Only you choose what to hear- Just a noise or a symphony- Only you choose what to feel- Regret or gratitude- Only you choose- What to think- What to say- What to do- Only you—- ©️ Dalia Lane [video width="848" height="480" mp4=""]

Feng Shui-

It translates- As “Wind” and “Water”- The sages claimed- Birds don’t fly- They are flown by the air- Fish don’t swim- They are carried by the tide- I say: find your own flow- I mean- Design your own stream- Sit quiet and exhale- Connect to the inhale- To the ultimate current- Clear up the clutter- And create- You sacred inner space- Be your own- Wind and water- By intent —- ©️ Dalia Lane Artwork by ...

Don’t push the growth—

Create conditions- Trust in Nature- It will take care of itself- Just fertilise the soil- With LOVE- Just give- What you can give- The rest will do the Sun— ©️ Dalia Lane

In advanced societies of the future —

-there will be no religions. For no intermediaries are needed between humans and Divinity. There will be only seekers that teach by their own example. Seekers that demonstrate the holy ascension from takers to givers. In advanced societies there will be only one religion: LOVE. ©️ Dalia Lane Artwork: "Life" by Andrey Panfilov

Balancing on a Ray of Light—

One foot at a time- One side is dark- One side is tight- I’m splitting them- Apart- When you are lost in a web- Of yourself- Try to find- That string of Light- Pull it gently out- From the darkest of depths- Hang on it- For a while- Try to weave- New patterns of cells- Slow new shapes- Of yourself- Till the greatest versions- Of the grandest visions- Gradually- Manifest— ©️Dalia Lane [video width="640" height="640" ...

Покрывая тебя многоточиями—

Заглавными- Междометиями- Расстояниями- Междустрочными- Перелетами- Внутрипланетными- В пространстве- Между нажатием кнопки- И двумя птицами синими- Все символы небесные- Такие ранимые- Я тебя не дождусь- Всего веком ранее- Но сейчас весь мой смысл- В электронном мерцании— ©️Dalia Lane

Мы привыкаем жить —

В неполете- Потому что мы- Должны быть сильными-Стабильными- Неуязвимыми- Достойными- И бескрылыми-- Нам проще быть в ясности- Без роста- Но в безопасности- Простыми- Без странностей- Без тостов- И без страстностей-- Нас хотят- Только взрослыми- Спокойными- Умными- На двух ногах- Монолитными- Монолитными- Напольными- И попутными- Мы привыкаем жить унылыми- Бесхребетными- И бескрылыми- Достойными- Реквизитными- Безнотными- И беззвучными- Пианино закрытыми—- ©️ Dalia Lane

Love is a mirror —

I don’t know who am I- Until I see my reflection- In your meditation- Tensions- Passion- Revelations- You don’t know who you are- Until I look at you- With admiration- Distrust- Misapprehension- Lust- Until you dance with me- Fly with me- Fall and rise- Until I find my peace- In your arms- I might see my “self”- On those quiet trips- Navigating the Vessels of Light- Sitting blissfully with ...