Мы привыкаем жить —

В неполете- Потому что мы- Должны быть сильными-Стабильными- Неуязвимыми- Достойными- И бескрылыми-- Нам проще быть в ясности- Без роста- Но в безопасности- Простыми- Без странностей- Без тостов- И без страстностей-- Нас хотят- Только взрослыми- Спокойными- Умными- На двух ногах- Монолитными- Монолитными- Напольными- И попутными- Мы привыкаем жить унылыми- Бесхребетными- И бескрылыми- Достойными- Реквизитными- Безнотными- И беззвучными- Пианино закрытыми—- ©️ Dalia Lane

Love is a mirror —

I don’t know who am I- Until I see my reflection- In your meditation- Tensions- Passion- Revelations- You don’t know who you are- Until I look at you- With admiration- Distrust- Misapprehension- Lust- Until you dance with me- Fly with me- Fall and rise- Until I find my peace- In your arms- I might see my “self”- On those quiet trips- Navigating the Vessels of Light- Sitting blissfully with ...


Those surfaces of "wisdom"- Protecting with papyruses- The burning nucleus- Of their weary souls- With gazes- Turning mortals into stones- You do not turn nor stumble- You simply LET them GO- After they left- Just be and breeze- Don't give them any chance- To pull you into their storms- Instead- Just pull them into your PEACE--- ©️ Dalia Lane


—- LOVE feels that way --- ©️ Dalia Lane [video width="400" height="224" mp4="http://dalialane.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/3A9E4B3A-7877-4769-B916-3AAF599F68FF.mp4"]

My soulless man loves—

Through a bulletproof glass- He doesn’t trust- He doesn’t feel- He is for REAL- He proved me with a knife- I tested him with tears- His atmosphere- Is that of Mars- Sometimes same distance- Trees, mountains and lakes- They are his wailing walls- Where he hides his scrolls- And prays- For the enlightenment of Earth- And pain free life- But Love’s like Sun- It doesn’t warm you up- Nor gives you any ...

Now it’s time to sit quiet-

Face to face with myself- Knowing my soul’s longing- Is nothing else but what is- There is nothing else to do- There is nowhere else to go- There is only one task in the Universe and that is to be- Me—- ©️ Dalia Lane

Как любят люди-

Смаковать- Cтрадания- Свои- Предания- Сказания- Бои- Потери- Ложь- Иллюзии- Погоду- Мы не смеёмся- Над одной и той же Шуткой- Но мы рыдаем- Десятки- Сотни раз- По памяти одной—- ©️ Dalia Lane

Being mindful —

—- means living in the moment. Feeling life as it is without judging it. Letting it happen. Now. Always. Like waves of the ocean. Accepting and enjoying each one of them. No wave is better than the other. They are all different and all equally mesmerizing. Each cloud. Each ray of light. Each breath. Being ...

An initial flow —

— of energy between two people that is not yet disrupted by disillusionment is one of the most powerful forces of the Universe— ©️Dalia Lane