I guess —

—the ultimate ART of Life is a BALANCE between: “I am enough” and “I can be more”. Growing every day while knowing your unconditional worth is a key to success and happiness. ©️ Dalia Lane


It’s the healthiest way for the body to enjoy the mind. We all have a secret gate through which we can connect with the Existence and scan it with unimaginable tools. That gate is an entrance to the Grand Master’s studio, where you are simultaneously an artist and a canvas, brushes and paints, light and shade, ...


—I hear the “universal truths” prophesized by humans, there is always an unsettling feeling inside of me. Since I was a child, while listening to a message uttered with overly confidence I subconsciously rebelled. There was always something elusively skeptical on the back of my mind telling me not to listen. That caused some friction with ...


—никогда не даётся даром. Ее не воспринимают как должное. Ее нужно неустанно создавать. Каждый день. Вновь и вновь. Любовь - это цветок, который нужно взращивать каждый момент. Дарить воду и свет. Заботиться. Иначе он погибнет— ©️ Dalia Lane

How beautiful it is to be—

Without bodies- Free — They are our ships- For NOW- Vessels of Love— Let’s navigate- The coves and shores- Of ours — Together- Let us rhyme- Your breath to mine— Until- The oceans and the seas within- Become without—- ©️Dalia Lane [video width="320" height="400" mp4="http://dalialane.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1FA2D587-62CE-4D3A-8261-3C81C252880C.mp4"]

Life is—

—about all sorts of vibes! Even though the good ones are preferred, let’s not curse the bad ones for they are angels in disguise! Look at them with gratitude and never look back. Follow your heart and you will follow your bliss! Merry EVERYTHING and happy ALWAYS, my dear 2018 friends! ©️ Dalia Lane


Как же нам выбрать между нами и НАМИ? Как же НАМ понять какая часть в нас есть мы сами, а какая есть только МЫ? Как же нам не сойти с ума когда МЫ не вместе? Как же нам не потеряться в НАС? Как же не потерять НАС в нас самих? Как же сложно жить и ...


—how cold and rainy it is outside, we all carry an inner Sun in us. For we are all made of stars. So all we need is to keep charging the particles with our positive energy until they start to glow. ©️Dalia Lane

– So?

Are you together? -No! I answered- To that- Piercing - Testing- Tempting- Suspecting- Wanting- Believing- Fearing- Daring- Waiting- Denying- Expecting- Freezing- Gluing- Separating- Attempting- Ascending- Registering- Frightened- Hopeful- Cruel- Surprised- All knowing- Forgiving- Escaping- Back- Into- Itself- Glassy- Glowing- Gaze—- © Dalia Lane

Love and create—

---in such a way- That your lovers and critics- Feel free- Feelings of truth- Are not owned by anyone- They belong neither to me- There is an impalpable undercurrent - Beneath each word- Behind each deed- In its purest form- To its highest degree- It is an intention to be- Free--- © Dalia Lane