How much I love- Just to hang there- In the middle of myself- Without tradition and culture- Without faith and beliefs- Without dos and don’ts- Without rights and wrongs- Without religion and society- Without destiny or path- Without duty or calling- Without reasoning, valuing, providing, hoping, proving, seeming, achieving, belonging,,,, Ubiquitously- Succinctly- Divinely- Simply- How much I love- Just to be! Me! ©️Dalia Lane

A maditation for today:

ALL events of your life are like clouds of various shapes. They come and go. Be the Sky. Your feelings, thoughts and emotions are like a fog. A vivid, interflowing, everchanging, natural phenomena above which is always CLARITY. The REAL You! Be YOU! ©️Dalia Lane [video width="320" height="400" mp4="http://dalialane.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/E9BB14C3-89FC-47F2-B56D-D59563DC0FF7.mp4"]

When I am with you—

Inside is- ART--- ©️ Dalia Lane [video width="480" height="270" mp4="http://dalialane.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/1A802AD9-A5F6-4741-9E26-6B187D0D71D3.mp4"]

Мне кажется—

—все художники переживают этот неописуемый транс творения. Когда он приходит ко мне, я невыносимо остро ощущаю течение жизни и в то же время нечто по ту сторону бытия. То, что нельзя объяснить словами, но оно до боли знакомо. Мне кажется, что этот транс наиболее точно может передать только музыка. Слова и образы ограничены. ©️Dalia Lane


—there are moments when my puzzle makes such a perfect sense and my picture is so clear that I want to weep in awe. Especially when I’m sad. I feel like I’m ready to let it all go. But I am temporarily holding back. I do not fear the end for I find it as ...

There is—

–infinite inspiration in Hope—- ©️Dalia Lane [video width="640" height="360" mp4="http://dalialane.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/F97F42B6-3779-4A43-9CA5-D0154195AFF9.mp4"]


Вопрос: Является ли живопись под заказ искусством? Ответ: Да, если она правдивая. Даже под заказ художник может вложить в работу свою боль или свою радость. Лично для меня, там, где творчество отражает правду жизни - это живопись. Там, где только деньги - это мертвопись. ©️Dalia Lane

To my Dandelion—

Freedom to care for another being- Can never be a trap- The depth that True Love promises- Can never frighten nor restrain- It’s frightful never to learn- How to love- The ones we call our heartbreaks- Our most honest mirrors- Without them- We would be blind and deaf- We’d cry in silence- With our demons- Our most precious diamonds- Are our tears crystallised- Each facet that’s exposed ...

I am a thousand chrysalises—

And billions of wings- I am a caterpillar grovelling and soaring In one instant- I am an implosion and expansion Of one single lifetime- Eons of lifetimes Breathe in a heartbeat- I cast off my wings For countless attempts- All bodies around me Are in my body- I am an ancient seed And I am an infant- All hibernation Consists of awakening- I dissolve my petals To soak in the ...

To love the woman —

I’m not just skin, bones, hair, lips… I am also invisible cells and senses, neurons and magnetic fields explosions, longings, dreams, inspirations and tears- Do not love a woman in conventional patterns- Unlearn everything that you ever learned before- Love her as if today is the last day when you are able to taste, see, smell, hear and touch- As ...