It was a glimpse-

An echo-
A mirage-

A distant-
fainting tune-
in the thin-
mountain air-
that I’m struggling-
to inhale-
with all the power-
of my lungs-

A trembling-
ray of light-
making its way-
through waking leaves and grass-
of a colossal-
tropical forest-
in its devouring vastness-

A fleeting image-
of a healing waterfall-
in a desert-
where full moons groan-
and prowling winds sculpting a tombstone-
with the initials of us-
tear by tear-
speck by speck-

An evaporating drop-
of moist-
on the edge-
of a precious crystal-
rolling down my cheek-
making me blink-
again and again-
and catch that glimpse-

In an attempt-
to see-

That it wasn’t LOVE—-

©️Dalia Lane

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