Do not tell me about your awakening-

I can tell by the way you treat your partner-
Your children, your parents, plants, animals-

Don’t try to impress me with your intelligence-
It shows by the way you can listen-
To all those who don’t share your opinions-

Don’t tell me about being free from your ego-
It is felt by the way you handle your anger-
By how much patience you have on the daily basis-

Don’t tell me how profound is your wisdom-
It shows if you can say sorry and really mean it-
What are the levels of your flexibility and acceptance-

Don’t tell me about all your experience-
I can tell by the way you react when bad luck strikes you-
It all manifests in your strength and resilience-

Don’t tell me about your kindness-
I can see by the way you treat those who are better than you-
If you can handle shame without blaming others-

Don’t tell me about your generosity-
It’s given away when you’ve got nothing-
When you share love among those who don’t love you-

Don’t tell me about your courage-
It shows in your grief without being enslaved by it-
If you can find light in your darkest hour and flourish-

Don’t preach to me about authenticity-
I can tell if I see that you live by your words-
If humility is your most charming quality-

Don’t tell me about love and compassion-
I can tell by the way you forgive yourself-
How you give without getting anything-

Don’t tell me about your spirituality-
Just give me a loving hug and just smile at me-
For Truth is never loud nor silent-

©️Dalia Lane

Music: Bonobo – ‘Black Sands’

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