Love is —

— like Nature. It has its own agenda. It is neither wrong nor right. Everything has its meaning. Some flowers will die. Some will survive. Sometimes events are unexpected like a sudden snow on freshly opened flowers. These trembling buds remind me of broken hearts. They don’t understand what’s happening. They suffer. But nevertheless, they are glorious in their agony.

Break ups are never easy. Even when you think you are ready for them. If one day you opened up all your inner magic, removed all the carefully constructed defenses and protection, dropped all your intellectual armor, opened your palms and reached your heart to the Sun like a fresh flower in spring…It still might snow. You never know.

The Sun might get unexpectedly covered by clouds, indifference, violation of trust, emotional unavailability, anxiety, lack of empathy, cold, insensitivity, neglect, rejection. There is always a chance of the sensual climate change. But Life is worth living and Love is worth loving. Regardless.

To know all the spectrum. To relate to it as YOU.

YOUniqely YOU.

©️Dalia Lane

Music: Oren Lavie
Video: Dalia Lane

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