The most precious gifts —

— are people, who will be there for you regardless.

Regardless of your mood, health, believes, possessions, bank account statements, weirdness, selfishness, unreasonable judgements, losses, unrealistic dreams, mistakes, achievements, friends, blessings, failures, talents, demons…Those, who will put you first when they recognize you really need it. And those ones always recognize it. Those, who forgive you before you commit your crimes. Those, whom you don’t have to beg for anything because they give it to you in abundance in advance. Those, for whom you are a priority, who inspire, guard, guide, appreciate every minute with you and never take you for granted. Those, who know your truth even if you are delusional. Those, who remind you of it even if you don’t want to listen. Those, who are ready to drop everything and give you a hug when you cry. Those, who never want to let you go…unless you ask them to. And even then they will always be there for you like invisible guarding angels.

Thank you to all those, who make me feel appreciated, worthy and loved. Regardless.

©️ Dalia Lane

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