To my Dandelion—

Freedom to care for another being-
Can never be a trap-

The depth that True Love promises-
Can never frighten nor restrain-

It’s frightful never to learn-
How to love-

The ones we call our heartbreaks-
Our most honest mirrors-

Without them-
We would be blind and deaf-

We’d cry in silence-
With our demons-

Our most precious diamonds-
Are our tears crystallised-

Each facet that’s exposed to light-
Illuminates new ways-

Let our demons be embraced-
Give them some hope-

Between the fibres of our souls-
They are so tired hiding-

Sometimes they turn to angels-
When we release their ropes-

Be generous enough to notice-
That they’re not always on the surface-
But in grace-

Sometimes like healing stones-
They grow in dirt and under pressure-

Be patient and just wait-
When heavy storms have calmed-

Believe in love-
For love is always right-

If you believe-
You’ll find a field of dandelions-
That are true-

They are like little time machines-
Discern pure from false-

Like magic wands-
They grant our wishes-

They don’t give promises-
But they demonstrate-

By their resilience to winds-
And by their will to serve-

They give us their roots-
Their leaves and petals-
Their dreams-

Here and now-

They are dandelions-
That can’t be blown away-

I make a wish-
I put them to my lips and gently whisper-

Thank you that you stayed-
Despite the storms and winters—-

©️Dalia Lane

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