—I hear the “universal truths” prophesized by humans, there is always an unsettling feeling inside of me.

Since I was a child, while listening to a message uttered with overly confidence I subconsciously rebelled. There was always something elusively skeptical on the back of my mind telling me not to listen. That caused some friction with my parents. Naturally.

But this “something” eventually convinced me that the only source of information I should consider is that of my own. My own Ocean of Stillness has all the answers and all the wisdom I need to know.

Since I was a little girl I just KNEW that NOONE knows anything for sure. These are all hypotheses, hopes, beliefs and guessing attempted by other people along the way formed by their own traumas and joys. So why would I listen?

Do you know what I know? I know that our Existence is so much deeper, vaster and grander that whatever we make out of it won’t change a thing. It just will give another ripple on the surface of that Great Ocean. Ripples are fine. They give shape to the raw material and reflect the Light. But ripples are never the dogma of the Ocean. And it is important to remember it.

And no, I don’t think we ought to do anything in particular in this world apart from loving each other.

All the rest is just play.

©️Dalia Lane

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