Is the first day-
Of the rest of your life-

Follow your roads-
Highways, passages, lanes-
Like your heart-

There are no goals in life-
Only dreams-
To fulfill-

Never follow the vows-
That you don’t feel like-
To keep-

Find what you love-
And just do it-
Every day-

But in order to love-
Do not wait-
Just create-

Be courageous –
And never listen-
To the outside-

The REAL shape of YOU-
Is the shape-
Of YOUR heart-

Follow your road-
And the winds of the world-
Will carry you through-

Follow your heart-
And your beautiful LIFE-
Will follow YOU—


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  • Maggie
    April 11, 2017

    Thank you, my Fairy))
    Love you <3

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