She is a bundle. A bundle of beams. She is full of the “SELF”-statement but not out of discontent or disagreement with “them”, but out of the inborn originality that is self-sufficient. She is full of rebellion and some sort of humility at the same time. Complete and solid as well as soft and vulnerable. Her head is high in the air but her feet are firm on the ground. She radiates power. Her heart seems to have excelled in accepting it all though covered in some sort of a protest. She transmits a strong wavelength of everything most feminine, most motherly, most sensual and cyclic. She has seen so many lifetimes but THE one worth dying for is still pending.  She has a magnetism of a bud that always knew all the secrets of EXISTENCE. She is the stem and the petals, the roots and the fragrance. She is a bundle of “HER-SELF”.

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