If you want me open-minded-
I will need you undivided-
With parts of you-
I can’t go on–
I’m grateful to your faults-
That I still have my space to grow-
But if you didn’t know-
I’ll tell you-

That in love we fall at random-
And that my self development and growth-
Sometimes chops out with a butchers knife-
Such gentle pieces of my heart-
That if you’d know-
Your arteries would squeeze your blood so much-
That suddenly your breath would be too short–

No matter how hard I try-
To understand and justify-
My tired soul points its saving finger-
From its master chair to the door-
In order to survive-
I’ll have to chop you out of my life-
With gentle movements of a butchers knife-
Now you tell me-

What for?

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