The possibilities of too early or too late-

Are carved up in the night clear sky-

In the transcendental pool of information-

I am your stunning mistress-

Or you are my husband with a pretty wife–

It doesnt matter how the history turned-

Or how the future will drive its highways or country paths-

In the heavenly pool of information-

We were holding each other in a humid taxi-

Rushing through sunrise–

I may end up in an ashram or on stage-

What is the chance?-

You may drink your last glass at a country bar-

And open the next bottle –

Somewhere in France–

We may walk hand in hand on that north coast peer-

Covered in plastic-

Direction one way-

Bathing in champagne and lipper and tears-

Looking for a lighthouse for sale–

And migrating with birds towards south-

Aiming too high-

I will see your face too late or too early-

Carved up in the night clear sky—–

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