I’m at a human fair-

Shopping people-

I go through lists of properties-

Screaming their flashy names-

Something, which may not be true-

But what is perfectly designed–


Diverse artistic views-

Splendour of looks-

Expensive status symbols-

Originality of decadence-

Profound wisdom of a higher mind–


Diplomas, travels, books-

Perfection in a sense of style and humour-

Conquering the Mounts-

Diving in glory-


Purchasing trumpery-

Committing suicides–


Perversion of what counts-

In countless romantic stories-

Finding the cure in someone else’s lives-

In paper mockery-

In fashionable burn-out syndromes–


I pick up people’s manuals-

I study them and then I go for sales!

I’m paying for no extras-

I find these goods expired-

Giving me bad stomach aches–


Their shine exists in hope-

To find some sense in justifying what they seem-


I take a pencil and I write-

Something which may not be true-

But what is perfectly designed-


“This masquerade has just one name:

The world’s LOW SELF-ESTEEM-

The world’s excessive PRIDE”—



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