I’m beautiful but OLD—

-I am beautiful but OLD!-
My tired mirror on my birthday told-

I still may turn some heads and bring some minds to madness-
But nevertheless my temple withers slowly-
World’s full of nubile freshness-
Every season’s rising new to celebrate and to replace-
If only I could guess how to escape this time-obeyance sentence-
If only! If only I could guess–

I looked into my tired mirror’s eyes-
Noticed a quiet smile in nets of life where tears shimmer-
Noticed the leaves of time-
On stairways to heavens or to hells-
Noticed the dusks and dawns with breakfasts by the oceans-
The riverboats of passion on the silent waves-
Covering her skin on sands of bliss-
Years of painful guessing till she saw her face in wells-
Filled with eternity and filled with summer–

I gave my life-companion a kiss and smiled and told:

-Beauty has different dimensions-
You see? I know exactly for which dimension you may yearn-
But please don’t waste your time and don’t debate-
Mourning for spring develops courage of acceptance-
Life will present with wisdom in return-
During your spring you were absorbing life-
Now is your autumn-
So observe and taste!

And your recovery attempts aren’t screaming for attention-
Attention’s empty and what you get instead is elegance and grace-
You see? Your hands are filled with diamonds-
That nubile beauty has yet to earn-
And don’t forget that minds of madness cannot replace-
Devoted eyes just contemplating-
In endless admiration and concern-
Condition less and utter less-
Not for your spring but for your autumn-
That may be short but full–

For here- it seems to me you’ve mixed two words:
You might be old but BEAUTIFUL—

© Dalia Lane

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