When I slow down —

I lose my voice- My vision sharpens- The colors and smells- I can taste- The enveloping depth- Instead of a void- In every rustling leaf- I feel- In every tear- In every fiber- Of every layer- I see you- Everywhere- Clearly- Forever fleeting- In Stillness- ©️ Dalia Lane [video width="640" height="640" mp4="http://dalialane.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/64423977_1130190130514682_7167332591259458199_n.mp4"]

To my Soulmate —

Some souls guard their darkness- Some are shining through- Yours is like a trembling ray of light- Reaching the deepest of the oceans- Reflection of the stars- Slow passing clouds- Vanilla dawns and brandy dusks- White cherry blossoms- On the April grounds- It’s all in you- My love- It is in YOU- That on a special day- Another shining soul- Will notice —- ©️Dalia Lane


The smartest way - To heal an aching heart- Is rearranging broken pieces- In a pattern- That- Is- ART- ©️ Dalia Lane

Like pebbles in low tides —

Exposed to light- We keep our shadows- Cool and hidden- Down to earth- Trying to dry up- Slowly under the skies- Currents of life- Will turn us upside down- So unexpected- Countless times- Will roll us over and uproot- And drag us back and forth- And leave us trembling- In low tides- Exposed- Again- But Sun- Like Love- It doesn’t care- What’s side is up- It knows- They’are all the same—- ©️Dalia Lane


If I remembered all my poems- I’d never weep again- The Universe needs fine-tuning- Now and then- True friends are bigger than Life- Silently guarding my step- If I remembered all their names- I’d never doubt again- Souls are stronger than blood- Soulmates are made in heaven- On every journey of every lifetime- I am one and all of them — ©️Dalia Lane [video width="480" ...

Семена всегда помнят —

В темноте и на свету- В бесконечности времени- Между первым взглядом- И последним кинжалом- Между пальцами- Сплетенными навеки- И сердцами- Разбитыми навсегда- Между чудом и молитвой- Пробуждением и забытьём- Сквозь матрицу- На крае вздоха- Перед выдохом- В тишине сердца- В грохоте мыслей- В мерцании открытых сундуков- Затонувших в океанах слез- В каждой роли по ту сторону экрана- В каждом пристальном зрачке- В каждом затерянном воспоминании- Во время весны духа- И во ...

Only you choose what to see-

A dirty glass or a wonderful view- Only you choose what to hear- Just a noise or a symphony- Only you choose what to feel- Regret or gratitude- Only you choose- What to think- What to say- What to do- Only you—- ©️ Dalia Lane [video width="848" height="480" mp4="http://dalialane.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/10000000_240747086819731_1406590654268471806_n.mp4"]

Feng Shui-

It translates- As “Wind” and “Water”- The sages claimed- Birds don’t fly- They are flown by the air- Fish don’t swim- They are carried by the tide- I say: find your own flow- I mean- Design your own stream- Sit quiet and exhale- Connect to the inhale- To the ultimate current- Clear up the clutter- And create- You sacred inner space- Be your own- Wind and water- By intent —- ©️ Dalia Lane Artwork by ...

Don’t push the growth—

Create conditions- Trust in Nature- It will take care of itself- Just fertilise the soil- With LOVE- Just give- What you can give- The rest will do the Sun— ©️ Dalia Lane

Balancing on a Ray of Light—

One foot at a time- One side is dark- One side is tight- I’m splitting them- Apart- When you are lost in a web- Of yourself- Try to find- That string of Light- Pull it gently out- From the darkest of depths- Hang on it- For a while- Try to weave- New patterns of cells- Slow new shapes- Of yourself- Till the greatest versions- Of the grandest visions- Gradually- Manifest— ©️Dalia Lane [video width="640" height="640" ...