Nature of wings is timeliness —

In celestial elegance- Of togetherness- Feel the soaring gravity- Don’t be afraid- Your heart is so eloquent- There are times for the shore- There are times for the sky- Get back to your flow- Every time- All the time- But first- Master the balance- Between holding on- And letting go- Soar through your sorrow- Soar through the storm- Soar— ©️Dalia Lane [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""]

I didn’t care —

About the „glow of the moment“- When LOVE was being murdered- I held his bowstring- He aimed precise- Tossing hot bullets- Made of ice- Sometimes of silence- Of care sometimes- Happy leftovers of his doubts- Like Queen Titania or Mab- I sing now- With a broken heart- Lady Godiva- I remind- No one‘s allowed to see my ride- Through my abandoned palace- Day after day- Shutting all gates- With Grace— ©️Dalia Lane

My inner child loves yours-

Like an albatross- Circling above the unknown seas- Looking for hope in silence- Starving itself to lonely death- In sunset clouds- So terribly afraid to dive beneath- In order to resurface- As someone you have longed for- All these years- You just know, my Love- I’m your enlightened witness- I am staying at the shore- Keeping my eye on you- Now from the further distance- But I look up- I ...

Do not tell me about your awakening-

I can tell by the way you treat your partner- Your children, your parents, plants, animals- Don’t try to impress me with your intelligence- It shows by the way you can listen- To all those who don’t share your opinions- Don’t tell me about being free from your ego- It is felt by the way you handle your anger- By how much ...

It was a glimpse-

An echo- A mirage- A distant- fainting tune- in the thin- mountain air- that I’m struggling- to inhale- with all the power- of my lungs- A trembling- ray of light- making its way- through waking leaves and grass- of a colossal- tropical forest- disappearing- in its devouring vastness- A fleeting image- of a healing waterfall- in a desert- where full moons groan- and prowling winds sculpting a tombstone- with the initials of us- tear by tear- speck by speck- An ...

Love is a butterfly-

Don’t crash its wings- In your fist- Release- Release- Release— ©️Dalia Lane Music: Bliss [video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""]

First YOU-

Then everyone else- If you want to fix the world- First fix yourself- Your work makes no sense- If you are a broken clock- Counting seconds to cope- Hiding from life in order to live- Rejecting love to feel safe- Pretending you are not vulnerable- Like a lobster who sheds his shell- In a painful process of growth- You need to get exposed- In order to molt- Get ...

Я знаю —

Я знаю- Я знаю- Хочется- Хочется делиться всем- Что в тебе есть- Живого и настоящего- Хочется- Выражать себя свободно- Как птица в танце- В полёте - Бесстрашно- Несомненно- Безусловно- Страстно- Хочется перелиться через край- И быть океаном- Утопить в себе весь мир- Показать ему всю свою глубину- Всю свою бесконечность- Вечность- Всю правду- И там- Из глубины- Дарить жизнь и изобилие себя- Переливаясь в лучах- Как жемчужный песок- Хочется- Вместить в себя- Масштаб Вселенной- Потому что ...


Always... Go to the Forest... To lose you mind.... To find your soul.... Always... Always... There is a Liquid Forest... To contemplate... To breath... To flow...... ©Dalia Lane Music: Nils Frahm Video: Dalia Lane

Some doors —

--- will open only from the inside- Breath is the way to access them- Self love and acceptance is the key—- ©️Dalia Lane