Nature of wings is timeliness —

In celestial elegance- Of togetherness- Feel the soaring gravity- Don’t be afraid- Your heart is so eloquent- There are times for the shore- There are times for the sky- Get back to your flow- Every time- All the time- But first- Master the balance- Between holding on- And letting go- Soar through your sorrow- Soar through the storm- Soar— ©️Dalia Lane [video width="640" height="360" mp4=""]

I didn’t care —

About the „glow of the moment“- When LOVE was being murdered- I held his bowstring- He aimed precise- Tossing hot bullets- Made of ice- Sometimes of silence- Of care sometimes- Happy leftovers of his doubts- Like Queen Titania or Mab- I sing now- With a broken heart- Lady Godiva- I remind- No one‘s allowed to see my ride- Through my abandoned palace- Day after day- Shutting all gates- With Grace— ©️Dalia Lane

Whatever you conquered —

--- will eventually shine through. ©️Dalia Lane [video width="480" height="848" mp4=""]

My inner child loves yours-

Like an albatross- Circling above the unknown seas- Looking for hope in silence- Starving itself to lonely death- In sunset clouds- So terribly afraid to dive beneath- In order to resurface- As someone you have longed for- All these years- You just know, my Love- I’m your enlightened witness- I am staying at the shore- Keeping my eye on you- Now from the further distance- But I look up- I ...


— in order to have a strong and harmonious bond that is efficient and glowing directing its energy towards healing the world and not merely towards self-preservation, one needs to constantly and instantly grow! Spiritually, intellectually, morally and physically evolve! Again and again! Every day, minute, moment. True intimacy is about care and trust. It’s ...

Do not tell me about your awakening-

I can tell by the way you treat your partner- Your children, your parents, plants, animals- Don’t try to impress me with your intelligence- It shows by the way you can listen- To all those who don’t share your opinions- Don’t tell me about being free from your ego- It is felt by the way you handle your anger- By how much ...

It was a glimpse-

An echo- A mirage- A distant- fainting tune- in the thin- mountain air- that I’m struggling- to inhale- with all the power- of my lungs- A trembling- ray of light- making its way- through waking leaves and grass- of a colossal- tropical forest- disappearing- in its devouring vastness- A fleeting image- of a healing waterfall- in a desert- where full moons groan- and prowling winds sculpting a tombstone- with the initials of us- tear by tear- speck by speck- An ...

Love is a butterfly-

Don’t crash its wings- In your fist- Release- Release- Release— ©️Dalia Lane Music: Bliss [video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""]